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  Hello...  My name is Litany.  We, Jacqueline (my Human mom), Blaze (Congo African
Grey parrot),   and I (Maltese), are  so glad that you have come to visit.   We hope you
allow us to  share our life and companions with you.  My mom calls these companions
her  fids (feathered kids) and one precious little dog (that's me).  I think I am a fid too
you know...fuzzy kid!

This year has been a most difficult yet exciting one.  We would like to share some of the
hope that summer brought.

This page will have links to  Blaze and me (I must be a special companion because I am
an "only" dog),  pet names and their meanings, general pet care (mainly companion
birds), human Breast cancer information and a variety of other pages.   Due to my mom's
breast cancer  she had to have a bone marrow transplant.  The Dr. didn't   think that
any of us would get to go back home and my mom was so very sad.  Most of our
feathered family had to go to new homes.  The Moluccan and African Grey were given
to friends in the hope that they would get to come home someday.  I don't think I have
ever seen my mom cry as hard as she did the day they all left.   She said that life without
her fids is not really life at all! Dr. said she is doing so well that we get to come back home. 

I am the first to get to come home.  I've been back for several months now.  Blaze will get
to come home on December 20,1999 just in time for   Christmas...ohhhhh we will have a
great Christmas !!!.  My mom is fixing us all a special feast and special toys with a great
party to celebrate.   My mom is so excited now that she can hardly sleep at night and has
even started counting the days.   (I am excited too but not quite as excited as she is.)

My mom said that because hope returned in the summer and that she is  a survivor of that
terrible breast cancer that we will dedicate this site to Summer, our Moluccan Cockatoo
who died the same week that my mom had her bone marrow transplant.  She will always
remind Blaze, my mom and me  that hope came in the summer...the summer after cancer
......Summer of hope.   

I used to think it was way too noisy in the house but it has been so quiet without any
feathered kids and seeing my mom sad I am thinking that I was wrong...that the noise is
more like singing and that I really am looking forward to my house feeling like home with
joyful sounds again.

My mom will sign this.  I just hate getting my paws in that nasty ink.  Yuck!!!   


PS:  I am feeling much better now. Today is January the 16,2000 and the Dr. said that
I do not need to see him again until the end of February.  Litany and Blaze are home
and the sounds they make are like music to my heart.  We are awaiting the laying of
a Blue&Gold egg now and will keep you posted.  I am a survivor of this
horrible cancer and hope that the days I have left whether I get to make the five
year mark or not will be filled with the joy and wonder of sharing and see life through
the eyes of my fids and little Litany.  Thank you all so much for visiting my site often
and please come often and stay and smile.  You are not on candid camera when you
smile but the participation in life can be a joy when we share.                                                                           Jacqueline


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"He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will trust"
Psalms 91:4
Many thanks go to Rachael  Tait for allowing her precious Moluccan cockatoo, Frances, to represent  Summer on  this web site.  Visit Rachael & Frances.

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