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I love my nice clean cage.  Feels soooo good to be home.   I get to eat all I want of all this good food my mom cooked for me. You know what!  She has been cooking and freezing stuff just waiting for me to come back is really some mother don't you think?! Let me look under here I need to make sure that my toes are manicured just right. My mom said I get to sit on her tonight and I want to look beautiful.
afterbath.jpg (48276 bytes) Swing on Christmas day 1999
I even took a bath...don't my feathers
look beautiful...oh but it was fun to get
in the tub with my mom again.  I have
really missed doing that. (She didn't even
say anything when I pooped in the water
and she had to get clean water)
Here is that swing I got for Christmas. I'm not so sure that I like it but I won't tell that to mom since she seems to be so proud to have given it to know...just don't want to hurt her feelings.
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