Happy New Year today.  
                     It's year 2000!  OH..OH..OH...today is my                                  Birthday!!!
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Come on join me in song now! Happy Birdday to me.   Happy Birdday to me.  Haaaaapppy Biiiirrrrday to meeeeeeeeee. Happy Birdday to me.  I'm five years old today...I'm five years old today...Yea..today I'm five!!!   Just think, I thought I might not ever see my mom again and now I got to have Christmas, New Years and MY BIRDDAY with her.  It can't get any better than this.
It's my birthday cake! 
I love it...it's so
tdbdaycakt1.gif (4707 bytes)
Let's blow all the candles
out  now.
blzswing4.jpg (101415 bytes) You know I got this big swing thing
for Christmas.  I had  been just
looking at it  because I thought  it
just might bite me so I did not take
a chance.  But, you know what?
I think it is really fun to get on. 
Yep!...it is fun!  Wow and did you see
all my new toys?  Yep, yep...
today is my Birthday and I am
5 years old.  Yea!...I am 5 years
old....hey, everyone, I'm 5 years
old today...what  a way to spend
New Years!!!
My mom gave me lots and lots of toys for Christmas but since I get st scared of new things she put part of them on my new hanging tree, part of them on my boingey thingey and part of them laying on a table where I can see them in order to get used to them.  She is soooo smart.  She knew I would want to play with them on my Birthday so she put them all out early like that so I'd not be afraid of them by the time my birthday got here.  Isn't she the sweetest mom in the whole world?!
Blaze on tree boing
             What is THAT thing?                                      Come on up here                                                                                     Litany.  This is fun
Now, go get your cup of coffee.  When you finish drinking it click here for more of beautiful me taking a bath.  Please do not peek at me though...girls are modest you know!  click here for page 4
                         Drink a good cup of coffee. Have a Happy New Year.
I will write more later so enjoy the rest of this site and then come back soon.  OH, don't forget that my mom has a
Bird Chat (Feathered Chat) on Monday nights at 8 pm CST. See you again soon.
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